OGG- Clayton State- Meeting- 3 April- Genealogy Do-over!

3 April 2016 Our Genealogy Group meeting will be held at Clayton State University, Morrow, Georgia. We meet from 3 to 5 p.m. Everyone is welcome!

We are involved in the Genealogy Do-Over. This is month 4. The topic will be Tracking Research and Conducting Research. We will have a panel discussion. This will be your time to ask questions. The panel will include people who help others in finding their family. It may be teaching, hereditary society or individual research. Our standards are the same as the professionals.

We all want to research smarter, not longer. So we are asking the experts for suggestions. How do you track research ie spreadsheet on paper or computer or software or other? How do you start a plan to research for someone else? How do you end research for someone else and should we be analyzing and writing up a narrative? What information and in what format do you expect the information such as timeline, connections to each generation, type of documentation or other? The actual “how to” use a spreadsheet and other topics are included in the webinars on our members only page. Analyzing will be covered in month 6.

The goal of the Do-Over is to complete each step once and not to repeat the same process at a later date. As more material becomes available, it can easily be integrated. Also, how can we pick up the work and quickly continue where we left off again without repeating work?

Thomas MacEntee’s book and/or Facebook have great ideas from others, we would like to hear your suggestions.

Hope to see you April 3rd,

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