Column-Genealogy: How to hire a professional researcher

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¬†Selma Blackmon’s column- Metro Examiner– 5 Jan 2016

Genealogy: How to hire a professional researcher

Look at the photograph, look again. Dunham who? After years of attempting to identify this small bit of family information, it is time to hire a professional. This article will explain what to look for when hiring a professional family researcher. Answer a few questions.

What is your specific goal? My answers are relate to this article’s photograph. Identify the people in the photograph. What is the relationship between Jane A. and Lindsey W. Dunham? What is the small notebook? What is the relationship between the people in the photographs and Jane or Lindsey? In my example, the lady from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, has been identified as “Aunt Sara Dunham.” The couple are identified only as “Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother Dunaham [next line] Grandma Couchs mother and father.” Research completed reveals Jane Dunham as Grandma Couch. The small notebook dated 1844 is a ledger for purchases, payments and tailoring. My current specific goal is to identify Jane A. Dunham’s father, the man in the photograph….

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Georgia has a chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists:

Georgia Chapter Association of Professional Genealogists