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Free weekend at Mocavo and Findmypast merge websites- Why should Georgia researchers find that interesting? announced a free weekend for this weekend which is underway. The free weekend will expire at 7:00 am (EST) Monday morning. Findmypast has the largest collections of Irish records, British Parish records, British newspapers and a plethora of US records.

Findmypast acquired Mocavo about a year and a half ago and it was announced on January 18th that Mocavo and Findmypast will merge the two web sites.This may be good news for researchers. The transition is underway and is expected to be completed within a few months.

Findmypast has over a billion records of interest to genealogists and the company claims 18 million registered users across its family of online sites which, in addition to, include Genes Reunited, The British Newspaper Archive and others. has proven to be a great research tool providing a search engine that only indexes genealogy  web sites and the site provides very clear digital images of many genealogy databases for free.

Findmypast has committed to keep Mocavo’s “free forever” promise and subscribers will continue to get free access to the same records that were previously published for free on Mocavo.

In addition to the search engine, Mocavo provides access to lots of databases of interest to Georgia researchers:

Georgia school yearbooks and alumni publications.

For example, The Medical College of Georgia’s alumni publications, Brenau College publications, Georgia Southern yearbooks, Georgia Teachers College yearbooks, North Georgia College yearbooks plus yearbooks, bulletins, and publications of many other Georgia schools.

Military histories, periodicals, and magazines.

For example, some issues from the 1940’s of The Bayonet, Fort Benning’s base newspaper.

Local histories, family histories, and biographies. 

For example,  The Tragedy of Andersonville: Trial of Captain Henry Wirz, the Prison Keeper or Robert Toombs, Statesman, Speaker, Soldier, Sage: His Career in Congress

Some newspapers

For example, Southeast News, Southeast Convention, Congregational Christian Churches, December 1957.


For example:

History of Alabama, and Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi, From the earliest Period by Albert James Pickett, 1851

and lots more !

For example:

Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Georgia, At Atlanta (Parts of July Term, 1873, and of January Term)

Here is the announcement from’s site:

Mocavo and Findmypast are coming together

18 Jan 2016

We wanted you to be the first to know that in the coming months Mocavo will be coming together with its sister site, Findmypast. This will create a single experience for our US customers in a move that aims to deliver a morefocused, efficient and comprehensive service to US family historians.

Our Story

We launched back in March 2011 when, only three months old, Family Tree Magazine named us as one of the best 101 genealogy websites of 2011. In 2012 we released The Free Yearbook collection and since then we’ve continue to publishhundreds of records and archives every day. We’d like to thank you, our customer, for being there with us as we’ve continued to grow.

We are now in the process of moving all Mocavo site content to Findmypast so you’ll soon be able to enjoy everything currently available on Mocavo and more. As part of our ‘Free Forever’ promise, Mocavo subscribers will continue to enjoy free access to all of the same records that were previously published for free on Mocavo. We will be transferring your account over to Findmypast soon so stay tuned for updates.

What’s next?

You don’t need to do anything just now. Before we bring the two sites together, we’ll be in touch with specific information about your account and some how-to guides that will help make the most of the new experience.

You will be invited to take advantage of an equivalent subscription package on Findmypast soon, where you can be assured that your payments will remain unchanged for your current subscription.

How does this move affect you?

  • You’ll still benefit from the same great content you’ve been enjoying on Mocavo and this will all be available on Findmypast soon. In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of hundreds of millions of new and exclusive US records to further enhance the experience for US family historians.
  • Findmypast has more British and Irish records than anyone else and is adding new records from the US and other locales every single week, so you’ll be able to take advantage of these to help your family history search. You’ll be able to explore nearly 8 billion names now andhundreds of millions of new names coming this year alone!
  • You can easily import your family tree and we’ll start tohint against names that we find in the archives to help you discover more about your family and even find relatives you never knew existed.

About Findmypast

Currently the home to billions of names, including the largest collections of Irish records and British Parish records,military records and the British Newspaper Archive, not to mention the 1939 Register. It currently has a plethora ofUS records and will soon be home to all the Mocavo records once the two sites come together.

Findmypast has a free and easy to use family tree builder and it releases new records every week to keep your family history search alive.